Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy Allowing You to Live Longer

The number one killer around the world is heart disease which affects men and women, and statistics show that every twenty seconds there is a person having a heart attack and every thirty seconds someone dies from heart disease. One out of every four people suffers from one or another heart condition and heart diseases claim the lives of more people than any other known disease. We will look as some valuable tips to keep your heart healthy which will prolong your life.

In order to maintain a healthy heart, you should have a yearly check up with a physician who in turn will check your glucose and cholesterol levels as well as your blood pressure. Should you be overweight the doctor will advise you on how to lose weight effectively as well as maintain your ideal weight.

Smokers need to quit smoking, and here are some additional tips to keep your heart healthy as well as how to quit the smoking habit. The first 2 days you must make an effort to only smoke half the amount you usually smoke in the day. Say you smoke 20 a day then only smoke 10 a day and on the third and fourth day only smoke 5 a day and on day 5, 6 and 7 smoke only 2 or 3 a day and after that quit.

Exercise is very important and it helps the cardio vascular system and one should at least walk fast or jog every day for not less than thirty minutes. Or you can join a gym and get yourself a personal trainer, swimming and water polo is highly recommended as these recreations exercise the entire body.

A well balanced and nutritional diet is extremely important. There is a fortune of literature providing you with diet sheets and tips to keep your heart healthy such as what to eat and what to avoid. Phytonutrients which is found in fresh fruit and vegetables help prevent heart disease. Nuts lower the cholesterol and the omega 3 group of vitamins helps lower the risk of having a heart attack such as salmon, sardines.

Further tips to keep your heart healthy is to reduce your saturated fats as these type of fats tend to clog the arteries which rises cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels. Avoid foods such as animals fats, fried foods junk food etc. Use unsaturated products such as olive oil and other related products that help reduce cholesterol levels. Increase your fiber intake and reduce your sodium intake.

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